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Actress and Businessman Collaborate to Provide 'Proof of God in Heaven


"We wrote this book to bring people hope, because there is hope."


TheBlaze's Billy Hallowell contributed to this report.

Why do we exist? What is the purpose of life? Is there a God?

These existential and teleological curiosities are among life's most commonly asked questions -- and they also serve as the central focus of "The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven," a new book by businessman Marius Forte and actress Sam Sorbo.

Actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo. Sam Sorbo co-authored "The Answer," a book about heaven and God. (Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Starkey Hearing Foundation)

Forte and Sorbo recently came by TheBlaze newsroom to discuss "The Answer" and to detail their theories about the Almighty.

The unique backgrounds of the book's authors provide insight both into their worldviews and motivation for penning a text that they believe provides "proof" of God's existence.

Forte, a Catholic, observed that people of all nations and spiritual backgrounds tend to grapple with the same fundamental questions.

"We wake up in this world and we want to find out: What is it about? Is there something [or] is there nothing?” he said, noting that while people have asked these same questions “since the beginning of time,” the answers vary greatly from culture to culture.

Forte, who grew up in Austria, spent the greater part of his life visiting and working everywhere from the Middle East, the far East, South America and throughout Europe.

And then there's Sorbo, a model, actress and mother of three with a background in biomedical engineering who is married to fellow actor Kevin Sorbo. Sorbo was raised in a Jewish home, but said she never felt connected to the faith because she and her family weren’t “practicing Jews.”

After living several years without a defined religion, she recounted going on a search for the truth. Sorbo examined tarot cards and researched astrology until finally, she reached a conclusion.

"I convinced myself that there’s a God because there’s too much order in the universe to deny that," she said.

After figuring out she could actually believe in God, Sorbo returned to synagogue, but was unable to find one that suited her. She eventually found a Christian church and after a few months she converted.

“It took a while. You have to do the work. It’s a process,” she explained of her spiritual journey into Christianity.

Eventually Forte and Sorbo crossed paths, talked theology and realized that they both wanted to write a book that would explain universal laws in a practical way -- a text that would point readers to the existence of an all-knowing creator.

Credit: Kamakazee Kiwi Corp.

“This book actually proves God to you in an incredibly simplistic way -- just like two and two is four,” Forte explained.

“I think of this book as a very pragmatic approach to God,” Sorbo added. “It doesn’t ask for faith.”

Sorbo said that in order to benefit from the book, readers need only an interest in faith -- not faith itself.

One of the subjects covered in the book is order and how it is seemingly present in the universe, a claim that leads to their believe that something -- or someone -- "put order into the chaos." To illustrate this point, Forte gave an example.

"If you take a million pebbles and line them up in a straight line -- a million, which is not a lot. And then the wind blows them all apart. What’s the chance that somehow these pebbles find themselves in a straight line again -- blown back into a perfectly straight line?" he rhetorically asked.

He added, "That would be the easiest thing compared to one of your blood cells. The blood cell witnesses the order."

Part of understanding God, Sorbo and Forte argued, is having an openness to understanding the heavenly realm. If people have this willingness, the two believe that it is entirely possible that "The Answer" will resonate.

“There isn’t a possibility that if you read this book, and you are open to it, that you will not know God,” Forte confidently said.

But there will of course be those who scoff at the book's claims. Non-believers in particular likely won't put much credence in a book that purports to prove God's existence. Still, Sorbo hopes to reach even those who lack a religious allegiance.

Author Marius Forte (Credit:

"Atheism requires a lot more faith than believing in God," she said. "[Atheists] won’t like the book because it will challenge their preconceived notions. My hope is that people will be curious and that it will reach them."

The book offers a very specific view on how one connects with God.

Forte said that the only way he believes a person can enter the presence of this perfectly ordered God is through the grace of his son, Jesus Christ. Forte calls Jesus the “bridge” who bears the sins of fallen individuals.

During their interview with TheBlaze, Forte and Sorbo also covered other topics in the book, including purgatory.

Forte doesn't see this theological realm as being postmortem, but rather he sees it as the time during which human faith is tried and tested on earth.

"Purgatory is right here," he said.

Sorbo made her reasons for penning the book clear.

“We wrote this book to bring people hope, because there is hope,” she said. “I am on a crusade to save the country."

“The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven” is available now where all books are sold. Learn more about the book here.



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