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Will Jason Kidd Cry Over His Spilled Soda? Well, Considering It May Have Just Cost Him $50,000...

Image source: YouTube raw video

The NBA reportedly will fine Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd $50,000 for allegedly staging a soda spill to earn an extra timeout in the waning moments of a game against the Los Angeles Lakers, multiple outlets are reporting.

Image source: YouTube raw video

Behind and out of time outs Wednesday night, Kidd allegedly faked spilling his soda on the court, which caused a delay and, in effect, an additional timeout.

If you advance to the :24 mark in the second clip below, you can see what appears to be Kidd mouthing or saying "hit me" to Tyshawn Taylor, who then bumps into Kidd.

The stunt was a loser, and not only because Kidd looks like he'll be short 50 grand for holiday shopping.

The Nets lost the game to the Lakers, 99-94.

Here's a clip of Kidd's apparent acting job, which one commentator noted is a trick he used to pull in his coaching days:

This report from ESPN via YouTube includes information on the fine, as well as video (:24) of Kidd allegedly mouthing or saying what seem like the words "hit me" to Taylor just before the two bump and the drink is spilled:

(H/T: Deadspin)



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