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Quick-Thinking Cop Rescues Unconscious Man From a Burning Vehicle -- and It's All Captured on Dash Cam


"A million things were racing through my mind."

Despite inherent danger, a New Jersey police officer recently approached a car engulfed in flames and rescued an unconscious man who was in the driver's seat.

The dramatic situation unfolded on Nov. 25 in West Cape May, N.J., and was captured on dash cam video. In the short clip, Officer Scott Krissinger is seen rushing toward the burning vehicle and cautiously opening the door.

Krissinger then wastes no time in pulling the driver, 61-year-old Gerald Ferrill, to safety, dragging the man quickly away from the car.

Watch the footage below:

In an interview with ABC News, the officer, who works for the Cape May Police Department, said he took action after noticing the burning car.

"A million things were racing through my mind," Krissinger said. "I couldn't understand why someone would stay in the truck if there was no car accident or anything like that."

When he got to the driver's side of the vehicle and opened the door, smoke made it difficult to see, but Krissinger said he was able to grab Ferrill's shirt collar and bring him to safety.

The officer explains the rescue below:

After bringing the man to safety, Krissinger again risked his own safety and went to the passenger side to see if anyone else was in need of a rescue; as it turns out, Ferrill was the only person in the car.

"I don't think about myself as a hero," Krissinger said, though many would disagree with this sentiment.

Ferrill is currently hospitalized and remains in critical, but stable, condition.




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