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CNN throws in the towel to MSNBC, Fox News


It's been nearly a year since Jeff Zucker was named the top guy at CNN and in that time, the legacy cable news channel has seen a series of changes (most unmemorable, a week-long show called "(Get to) The Point"; with the parenthesis). A look at the ratings shows some of the tinkering may have worked, most may have not.

But one change Zucker is certain has been a success is the addition of more documentaries and prime time specials not directly associated with the news of the day.

In an interview with Capital New York, Zucker said he plans on doing more of that and less of the news. The goal is no longer to compete with Fox News and MSNBC. It's to siphon off viewers from other cable channels.

From Capital New York:

[Zucker] wants the network to attract “viewers who are watching places like Discovery and History and Nat Geo and A&E.”

“People who traditionally just watch the cable news networks [are] a great audience,” he said. “I'm not trying to alienate that audience. But the overall cable news audience has not grown in the last 12 years, OK? So, all we're doing is trading [audience] share. … We also want to broaden what people can expect from CNN.”

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