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Ex-Secret Service agent: Obama feels need to defend Islamofascists due to shared belief in authoritarianism


Heavy-handed top-down authoritarianism.

Dan Bongino (Photo: Wikimedia)

In an interview conducted with Blaze Books prior to the release of his now New York Times bestselling book, Life Inside the Bubble, former presidential Secret Service agent Dan Bongino held no punches, unloading on President Obama and a slew of other targets.

Dan Bongino (Photo: Wikimedia)

His central message on the president: Barack Obama is “married to redistribution as a fundamental economic theory and this whole idea that government is a weapon not a service-oriented function … a means to enforce an end, [such] that the politics to him are irrelevant.”

Perhaps more chillingly, with respect to Obama’s embrace of the Arab Spring and public support for movements that toppled former allied leaders in the region over the last several years, Bongino believes that Obama sees an “endgame … that they [the hard left and Islamofascists] can align on …  as a matter of the heavy-handed top-down authoritarianism that they both share in common, and … that’s why the default is to defend them.”

Bongino also had plenty of criticism for the National Security Agency, the national security bureaucracy, the mainstream media and even fellow Republicans. Some of the other highlights can be found below, but be sure to check out Blaze Books for the full, no holds-barred interview, as well as our review of Life Inside the Bubble.

On Hillary Clinton and Benghazi: “Not only is government inefficient, and is it bankrupting you, it’s actually killing you. The explosive growth in the bureaucracy has allowed people at the highest levels to make decisions based purely on politics, not on your safety … So in Benghazi, when four Americans die due to political decision-making, not security decision-making, that cost four American patriots their lives, Mrs. Clinton can get up there and say “What difference does it make?”

On which of the scandals during the Obama administration is the biggest: “The NSA scandal is a debacle and scandal is an inadequate word because this should be public enemy number one right now, scandal-wise, out of all of the scandals”

On media cries of racism when it comes to criticism of the president: [The media outcry is] “just so inauthentic and pollutes the political process to such an extent … I don’t really even think the media understands … the damage they are doing to the fabric of America.”

On the president’s handling of the government shutdown: “The president of the United States used your tax dollars to pay people who work for you to keep you out of your memorials.”

On his 2012 campaign for U.S. senator of Maryland against incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin: “I had as many fights with Republicans as I did with Democrats.”

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