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Watch the Startling Tire Commercial That's Being Called One of the Scariest Ads Ever


"Not for the faint of heart."

A Japanese tire company apparently sought out to terrify potential customers with a new advertisement that is startling enough that it required a mental and physical health warning.

The commercial is intended to show how Autoway Tires perform in extreme situations, but it's unlikely drivers will ever have to deal with what you're about to see.

The opening message reads: "Not for the faint of heart."

That warning is then followed by another warning to people with "mental or physical health" concerns. "We shall not be liable for any injuries, illness, and damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents."

We don't want to ruin the video, so just watch what happens below:

Be honest...Did you jump? Two of our editors did.


(H/T: Independent)


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