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If You Watch Only One Unicycle-Riding, Acrobatic-Performer Video, Let It Be This One


"It's quite something to witness."

Image: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

During halftime at a Ohio State University men's basketball game, fans were treated to an amazing acrobatic performance by a woman who calls herself "Red Panda."

The nimble woman, Rong Nui, rides a unicycle...and much more.

While riding, she balances a small stack of bowls on one foot and then tosses them into the air.

Then somehow she's able to catch them all in a basket on top of her head.

It's quite something to witness.

Watch the entire performance here:

If "Red Panda" and her balancing act sound familiar, you may have seen her perform the same stunt on NBC's "America's Got Talent." During the hit show's recently completed season 8, Nui competed and scored high marks from all four judges in the competition's preliminary rounds.

Image source: YouTube

However, in later rounds, a dropped bowl may have cost her a shot at the big prize.

Image source: YouTube

A YouTube video tells the story of her journey on America's Got Talent.

Editor's note: The original video of Red Panda was shot by Jim Davidson during a 2009 halftime show at Ohio State University.

(H/T: The Interrobang)


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