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There's Something Missing in This Basketball Game


No, your computer volume isn't to blame.

There’s something missing in a video taken at a university’s recent basketball game. While the sounds of dribbling and squeaking sneakers are usually drowned out by the roar of the crowd, they're all you hear in the first few minutes of this game. And no, nothing is wrong with your computer volume.

The video comes from Taylor University's 17th annual "Silent Night" game, an event that takes place on the Friday before exams. Those in attendance remain silent until the 10th point is scored, when all of their pent-up sound can be released.

taylor university Students were quiet in their seats until the 10th point was scored, at which time they erupted and rushed the court in the university's annual "Silent Night" game. (Image source: YouTube)

taylor university Taylor University hasn't lost one "Silent Night" game, and Friday's match up didn't break the streak. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch the amazingly quiet fans erupt at the 10th point:

Students rush the court and after a few minutes of insanity, they clear out and play resumes.

Here's a compilation of footage from the game by the university's athletic channel:

The Christmas song "Silent Night" is also sung later in the game as the play continues. Take a look around the one-minute mark in this video:

According to the university, the Christian NCAA Division III school hasn't lost a single "Silent Night" game. The Trojans' match against Indiana-Dabney University was no different with a final score of 94-72.

(H/T: Deadspin)



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