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Disturbing Surveillance Video Results in Assault Charge for Corrections Officer – Watch the Entire Incident Unfold


"You're acting like an [expletive], you're being treated as an [expletive]."

A corrections officer was arrested and charged with assault Tuesday after an internal investigation concluded that he broke the law when he violently slammed an inmate's head against a concrete wall for "spitting" at an officer.

Disturbing video shows officer Charles Broaderick, 41, telling DUI suspect James Duckworth, who allegedly had to be restrained, to stop being difficult. The incident took place at the Marion County Jail in Florida.

"You're being treated how you're acting. You're acting like an [expletive], you're being treated as an [expletive]," Broaderick says.

Moments later, Duckworth appears to clear something from his lips, which the officer interpreted as him spitting at another officer. It is unclear if the suspect intended to spit on an officer.

"You don't spit at officers!" Broaderick screams in the video, grabbing him by the neck and violently slamming his head against the concrete wall.

The officer continues to pin the suspect's head to the wall while officers ask questions and discuss the situation. A trail of blood can be seen smeared across the wall where his head was smashed. As Duckworth received medical attention, he slips in and out of consciousness.

Watch the disturbing video below (Warning! Graphic):

After reviewing the incident, the Marion County Sheriff's Office determined that Broaderick went too far and filed an assault charge against him.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by WKMG-TV, Duckworth did not physically resist officers while he was detained and Broaderick was clearly in control of the handcuffed suspect.

"The officer was arrested on Tuesday and spent just 13 minutes behind bars at the jail. He was released after posting $2,000 bail," the Daily Mail reports.

Broaderick has been placed on unpaid leave while the criminal case proceeds.


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