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Listen to the Song Aired on CNBC That Resulted in an Almost Immediate On-Air Apology


"I'm getting, getting paid. Every single day..."

As CNBC prepared to take a commercial break on Monday, the "tease music" the network aired was unedited and included some offensive language. The oversight resulted in an almost immediate apology.

Here's some of the lyrics of the rap song that aired on CNBC: "I'm getting, getting paid. Every single day. With my n****s, my n****s Chris and Jay."

Watch the video below (Warning! Strong language):

Shortly after the song aired, CNBC anchor Kelly Evans got right into the apology.

"An important thing we want to mention here: We accidentally aired a piece of music this hour during a tease with inappropriate lyrics," she said. "That obviously should not have been on the air and we deeply apologize for that and for any offense that it may have caused."


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