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Temperature-Sensitive Camo Adjusts Itself to Match Appropriate Season's Surroundings


"Gives hunters chameleon-like powers"

Hunters in the dead of winter might want to put on brown woodsy camouflage, but they'll need a whole other set for early fall or spring when there's likely more greenery.

For the hunter who doesn't have much room in his dresser drawers for each season's gear, the outdoors store Cabela's created a temperature-sensitive camo that adjusts colors to the appropriate season.

colorphase camo Cabela's ColorPhase camo changes its pattern color based on the outdoor temperature. (Photo credits: Cabela's)

The ColorPhase camo is touted by the store as "the world's first camouflage clothing to be printed with rapid-change, temperature-activated dye." When it's warmer, the pattern will include "vivid greens," but when the temperature drops below a certain degree, the "greens morph to late-season shades of brown."

colorphase camo The different colors based on temperature. (Image source: Cabela's)

Watch Cabelas promo video about the camouflage gear:

Popular Science recently named the camo that "gives hunters chameleon-like powers" as one of its "Best of What's New 2013."

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