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About that 'white Santa' debate...

via Twitter.com/SKIPdaZIP

A laughable national dialogue ensued after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly insisted on her show last week that Santa Claus "just is white."

Media critics and political commentators weighed in, some saying Kelly is wrong because Santa isn't a real person, others saying she's technically right if she's talking about the historical figure, Saint Nicholas.

In the spirit of the holidays, TheBlaze Blog, along with our friend Skip da Zip, has crafted a more inclusive Santa.

Introducing Sharpton Clause:

"Give the world a black Santa Clause" is a quote from a 2004 episode of "Boston Legal," guest starring Rev. Al Sharpton himself.

"The image of Santa Claus has been crafted for hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years," Sharpton says in his cameo. "We're supposed to be in a different day. Give the world a black Santa Claus, let the people have an African-American come down the chimney bearing joy and good will!"

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