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Greta Van Susteren compares anonymous sourcing to 'telephone game

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

Following a story in the Washington Post about the proliferation of anonymous sourcing in the media, for even the smallest of stories, Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren sounded off on her blog:

I remember reading with amusement this summer that I was out at Fox News — and just two months earlier (May) I signed a long term new contract with a raise! Out? not exactly….in fact, I was in…and in for a long time!

And who were the sources for the stories that I was out of Fox? Anonymous sources!

But it gets worse….. after the first story, some journalists copied the earlier stories that I was out …and then sourced each of them as fact. I actually think they thought – in their sloppiness – that they had a source if they repeated what some other journalist published even though it was an anonymous source in the original story. Go figure, right? That’s another problem with anonymous sources - it creates the telephone game.

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