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Watching People Just Trying to Walk in a Powerful Windstorm Is Surprisingly Funny


Some herculean strength required.

Image: YouTube

Chicago is widely known around the world as "The Windy City." However, Ålesund, Norway, a town of less than 50,000, may give Chi-town a serious challenge for that nickname.

Image source: Euronews via YouTube

Ålesund was hit with an extreme weather system last week that forecasters called a "freak" storm. Reports say more than 50,000 homes in the region were without power after the hurricane-force winds blew across Norway. The storm, named "Ivar," ripped down power lines and phone lines in the central portion of the Scandinavian country, but also provided us with some fairly entertaining video.

Image source: Euronews via YouTube

The simple act of  crossing the street became a task requiring herculean strength (or a helpful police officer). No injuries were reported, but police and an ambulance were on the scene to assist pedestrians. If you were lucky enough to be crossing with the wind, you may have set a new land speed record.

(The author of this story was born in Chicago and does know that the city's nickname is only partially attributed to actual wind blowing off Lake Michigan or the prairies to the west of the city. The origin of the moniker has also been tied to the considerable "hot air" blowing around the city during political conventions in the late 19th century.)


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