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Beck Teases Something That Would Make Conservatives Salivate and Liberals Go Crazy Involving Hannity, Levin, Coulter and Possibly Rush Limbaugh

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ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 12: Sean Hannity attends The Boortz Happy Ending at The Fox Theater on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. Credit: Getty Images for WSB Radio

Tuesday afternoon, Glenn Beck stopped by Sean Hannity's radio show in New York City to promote Beck's latest book, "Miracles and Massacres." Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. But fortunately, something else happened during the interview that also featured a spirited discussion with Ann Coulter: the trio teased a huge event that could be coming this summer (as well "several" other projects).

At the beginning of the interview, Hannity took a few minutes to thank Beck for letting him use the midtown Manhattan offices and studios of TheBlaze while he was having a new studio built in Rockefeller Center. After that, the first tease came.

While talking about the 150,000 square-foot studio Beck recently purchased in Dallas, Hannity appeared to surprise Beck when he asked, "Ya gonna make movies?"

The response was classic Beck, "No, huh? I don't know what you're talking about?" He laughed and continued, "We're going to make some announcements on several projects."

Listen to the exchange here:

After that is when Sean mentioned a new project that Glenn had asked him to be a part of -- a conservative summit of sorts. The dream is for Beck,  Hannity, Mark Levin and possibly Rush Limbaugh to unite in one location next summer. As the two talk radio stars danced around the unannounced details, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter marched into the studio and joined the discussion.

Coulter brought considerable life to the conversation, challenging Beck on his dislike of Mitch McConnell, while highlighting the key topics they all agree on -- issues like amnesty, immigration, the debt and Ted Cruz.

Here's the radio free-for-all that would be a conservative dream and a liberal nightmare:

Hannity, Beck, and Coulter wrapped up the full hour of radio, but the host realized that he had not mentioned Beck's book. When he did give "Miracles and Massacres" a mention, he also gave Beck a new name, calling the entrepreneurial Beck, "Walt Disney Beck."

Listen to the podcast of Hannity's full hour of radio here.

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