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Conservative blogger on overweight people who are bullied: 'put down the Big Mac


Conservative blogger and frequent Fox News guest Dee Dee Benkie has some advice for any overweight people tired of being bullied: Stop going to McDonald's.

"You either get over it or you put down the Big Mac," Benkie said on Fox News Wednesday. She appeared on a panel to discuss recent comments by actress Jennifer Lawrence, who suggested it should be illegal to mock someone's weight on TV.

We've asked Benkie whether she stands by her comments and whether she also thinks people who are overweight from health issues (as opposed to overeating) were included in her remarks.

Her answer via her iPhone: "No way ! I don't regret what I said - Thanks for asking :)"

Update: Benkie sent a followup message:  "And if someone has a medical  condition and can't help it - that's different but very rare. Most people are fat because they eat Big Macs and their only exercise is picking up the remote and that's fine. Be happy and fat - then who cares what anyone says? But if you are fat and unhappy then get over it or put down the Big Mac!"


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