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Graphic and Disturbing Video Shows Two Thugs Viciously Beating Homeless Man With Random Objects


One person steps close to him to check on his condition, but continues walking.

Credit: LiveLeak

A manhunt is on for two thugs who were caught on video brutally beating a homeless man near Venice Beach in California recently.

A resident in a nearby apartment building was able to film the violent assault from above. The Los Angeles Police Department says it appears the homeless man was sleeping on the street when he was viciously attacked by the two men for no apparent reason, KTLA-TV reports.

Credit: LiveLeak

In the graphic video, the two thugs can be seen beating the man with what appear to be metal curtain rods and even a bicycle. Though one of the attackers eventually leaves, the second man sticks around to bash the man's head and body with an aluminum folding chair as the victim desperately tries to protect himself.

Watch the shocking attack below (WARNING! Graphic):

More from the Daily Mail:

When the attack finally ends after more than four minutes, the man huddles on the ground, clutching his head.

A small blood stain can be seen next to him.

Several passersby can be seen walking by him.

One steps close to him to check on his condition, but continues walking.

Soon, firefighters and police arrive.

The motivation behind the attack is not known.

The homeless man was reportedly treated at a nearby hospital and released. The LAPD is currently searching for the suspects.


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