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Glenn Beck Makes a Very Exciting Offer to the Cast of 'Duck Dynasty


"Duck Dynasty, we would be proud to have you."

From left: Uncle Si, Jase, Phil, and Duck Commander employee Justin Martin. (Photo: A&E)

"Duck Dynasty on TheBlaze" has a nice ring to it, according to Glenn Beck.

One day after Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality earned him an indefinite suspension from the hit series “Duck Dynasty” on A&E, Beck offered the entire Robertson family a place on his own network.

"[All the other networks] will fold to pressure," he said. "They will all fold to sponsors. They will all fold to money because they are all in over their eyeballs are debt ... the only reason why Phil was put on hiatus and not the rest is because it is a money-printing machine."

Beck said as he sees it, the Robertson family has a choice to make.

"If I am in the Robertson family, I sit down with my family and say, 'Is this the way we're going to [let] him be treated? Is this who we are? Are we going to [be] quiet because he has an opinion about the scriptures?'"

In this May 9, 2012 photo, from left, Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Miss Kay Robertson and Si Robertson pose at the A&E Networks 2012 Upfront at Lincoln Center in New York.  (AP)

Beck said that based on what he knows about the family, they're not going to continue as though nothing happened. He went so far as to suggest that the entire family call GQ Magazine, where Robertson's comments appeared, and tell them nothing but, "I agree with Phil."

"You will either be out, or you will be the most powerful people the country has ever seen on television," Beck said. "You already have all of the juice you're ever gonna get ... And if you take a stand and they fire you ... we'll be on the phone."

"We would be proud to have you," he added.

Beck concluded: "May I suggest: Make your stand. You will never have a better chance. And quite honestly, you're our best shot as people. If we don't get people to wake up to the fact that this is fascism, that we are not allowed to have another opinion ... they're never going to wake up. And you're our best shot."

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