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MSNBC president: unlike Fox News, 'we're honest to our viewers


Media critic for the Washington Post Erik Wemple did God's work and watched eight hours straight of MSNBC earlier this month. His analysis coming away from the experience isn't anything anyone familiar with MSNBC would dispute (lots of opinion, almost entirely left, production not as sharp as Fox News, etc.).

But one nugget gleaned from Wemple's writeup is a quote from an interview he did with Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC.

“I think the one thing you can say is that at MSNBC we’re honest to our viewers," Griffin said, "we correct mistakes, we don’t put out slogans that are meaningless — ‘We report, you decide’ — and we’re not going to say if we want a candidate to win, that candidate is going to win."

True? "Lean Forward."

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