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Guess Which MSNBC Host Glenn Beck Is Defending


"There's blood in the water at MSNBC."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Jan. 6, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck returned from a lengthy vacation on Monday to weigh in on a number of the issues he has missed while away. Among them, Beck particularly felt he needed to speak out about the recent Melissa Harris-Perry controversy surrounding a segment on the MSNBC host's show mocking Mitt Romney's adopted black grandson.

During the segment, the MSNBC panel compared a Romney family photo to the diversity of the Republican Party, and guest Pia Glenn joked that "one of these things is not like the other."

As Beck sees it, he doesn't agree with Melissa Harris-Perry on the majority of today's issues, nor does he agree with what was said. But the condemnation she has received far outweighs the offense of the segment itself, and conservatives shouldn't lash out at her as a way to take MSNBC down a peg.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Jan. 6, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"There's blood in the water at MSNBC because they have made so many bad hires and (done) so many bad things," Beck said. "I don't know Melissa Harris-Perry, but I don't believe that she's a bad person ... Misguided, wrong? Yes. Somebody I vehemently disagree with? Yes. But I don't believe she's a bad person."

Beck said that too often "the people at NBC" fail to see the heart of Christians and conservatives in this country, dismissing everyone as "unthinking, unfeeling cavemen who hate everything that looks or sounds new or different."

Conservatives should not do the same, he argued.

Beck said that while there are many "dishonest, arrogant, and destructive people at MSNBC," he believes that "our side now is refusing to see her for who she is, and we are engaging now in the worst kind of political destruction."

"Both sides do it," he added. "Both sides will, in the end, if they continue, be the cause of the death of a once great and united people."

"I think that what's happening here is a collective moment for our side to say, let's not become those things we despise. Let's not become that. My side is the truth. My side is humanity," Beck remarked.

The multimedia personality went so far as to say that "in the grand scheme of things, if this is her big screw up, [Melissa Harris-Perry is] way ahead of me as a human being."

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