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A pioneer of free-market economics gives us 3 must-read books on the subject


George Gilder speaking at the Cato Institute on December 5, 2013. (Image Source: Cato Institute video screengrab)

Blaze Books sat down with George Gilder, President Reagan's most quoted living author, pioneer of supply-side economics, winner of the White House Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence presented by President Reagan, author of over a dozen books including most notably the best-selling "Wealth and Poverty" (1981) and "Microcosm," (1989) and recent titles including "The Israel Test" (2009/2011) and "Knowledge and Power" (2013), producer of the Gilder Technology Report and the annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference, Chairman of George Gilder Fund Management, LLC, venture capitalist, outspoken futurist and conservative intellectual (and much more), to get his book recommendations on a variety of subjects near and dear to readers' hearts.

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