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One Quick Read and It's Obvious Why a Minnesota Store Is Facing Backlash for Its MLK Day Sale


"Bad taste."

A shop in Duluth, Minn., is facing backlash after it offered on Martin Luther King Jr. Day discounts on all “black items” in the store.

The sign at Global Village read: “MLK Day sale, 25% off everything black.” The store also posted the sale notice to its Facebook page.

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Unsurprisingly, people were offended. But what is surprising is that this isn’t the first time that Global Village has offered discounts on all black items on MLK Day.

In fact, according to a store manager, this is the fourth year that they’ve held the MLK sale. It’s just the first time that people have been offended by the sale.

“We did this out of admiration and celebration for somebody who did so much for the world, for black culture. Somebody we’ve admired grateful. It was done out of honor,” store owner Rachel Mock told CBS Minnesota.

The store owner apologized to critics of the sale and vowed never to hold another similarly-themed MLK sale in the future.

The owner did, however, leave the sale notice up on the store’s Facebook page to let people judge for themselves whether the store was trying to act in bad taste.


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