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Six things that might happen when you call to add TheBlaze TV


We've heard some things.

For the past couple of days, TheBlaze has been asking you to call your TV provider and let them know that you want to add TheBlaze to your TV lineup. And some of you have gotten some pretty…interesting…responses.

We’ve put together a little list of what might happen when you call your TV Provider

1) We don’t offer TheBlaze…but we can give you all this great stuff for FREE!

We’re hearing that lots of TV Providers are offering free stuff to people who offer TheBlaze. Time Warner Cable offered me a free home security system. No idea how that makes up for not having TheBlaze though.

2) Don’t blame us – TheBlaze is only offered online.

Ummmm, not true? TheBlaze is actually offered on over 50 TV providers. Maybe you should call one of them rather than requesting it be added?

That being said…TheBlaze TV does offer access to all the great programming as well as plenty of on-demand content in the archives. You should check it out while you wait for your TV provider to add TheBlaze. Plus, it’s a great way for you to support the network.

3) TheBlaze has an exclusive contract with Dish Network.

See #2.

4) We have not received a large volume of requests for The Blaze up to this point…


A customer service representative at one big cable company told us on air that a third of the calls he got in one day were related to TheBlaze. What would you consider a large volume?

If your TV provider tells you this, try calling again. And again. And tell a friend to call. 1-800-996-2529

5) I just called my TV Provider and they said TheBlaze is asking for too much money!

50 TV providers already feature TheBlaze, and our license fees are very reasonable especially given the amount of original programming on the network. TheBlaze is also a fraction of the cost of other networks that you never asked for and will likely never watch.

6) Sometimes when you let it be known on Twitter and Facebook that you want TheBlaze, a provider who does have the network will reach out:

(This author is not DISH_Garrett, but it's a pretty cool first or last name)

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