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I'm Going to Be Dead': Little Boy Is the Answer to Elderly Woman's Pleading Prayers


"She said she kept praying to the Blessed Mother..."

Kathleen St. Onge, 80, found herself in dire crisis after she slipped on ice in her garage. With the door wide open, she was unable to get up and, thus, exposed to frigid temperatures.

Praying incessantly that someone would find her before the cold endangered her life, Onge was in desperate need of assistance.

"She said she kept praying to the Blessed Mother and she just kept thinking ... if someone doesn't find me I'm going to be dead ," Sandy St. Onge-Mitter, the woman's daughter, told WXYZ-TV.

Onge's prayers were answered, though, by 10-year-old Danny DiPietro. As DiPietro was driving home from a hockey game with his father, he spotted what he assumed was a dog.

He later said "something just didn't feel right," so when he arrived home he told his mother to go out and check on the animal.

His mother, Dawn DiPietro, at first told her son not to worry, as no one would leave a dog outside in such frigid temperatures -- but when her son wouldn't let the issue go, she went outside to check the situation.

And that's when she noticed that it wasn't a dog her son saw -- it was Onge, who was on the ground, waving her hands for help.

"I was so scared, but happy she was alive," Dawn DiPietro told WXYZ-TV.

She quickly ran home and called 911 while her husband went out to bring the woman to safety.

Onge was subsequently brought to a local hospital where she's being treated hypothermia and dehydration.

Doctors said that DiPietro very literally saved the elderly woman's life, as she likely wouldn't have been able to survive another hour exposed to the cold.

Onge's daughter, Sandy, said that her mother got very emotional talking about the child who saved her life.

"That boy saved my life.. Thank goodness for that little boy," she reportedly said.



Featured image via WXYZ-TV

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