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Surveillance Video: What a Woman Allegedly Witnessed in Store Restroom Leaves Her Distraught and Shaking Against a Wall
Image source: WFGA-TV

Surveillance Video: What a Woman Allegedly Witnessed in Store Restroom Leaves Her Distraught and Shaking Against a Wall

"By the grace of God she survived customer and employees got in when they did."

Surveillance video has been released in the case of a nine-year-old girl found beaten in a Florida Best Buy restroom.

James Patrick Tadros (Image source: WFGA-TV)

The video depicts the movements of a man who appears to be James Patrick Tadros, according to WTLV-TV in Jacksonville, Fla., the suspect who's now behind bars, awaits a mental health evaluation and faces attempted murder charges.

It's important to note that not all of the Aug. 23, 2013 surveillance video has been released by the State Attorney's Office, WTLV noted, adding that any images identifying the victim would have been redacted.

The video's 5:07 p.m. time code shows a pick-up truck pulling up to the store and a man who appears to be Tadros exiting the vehicle — interestingly from the passenger's side, as if he's being dropped off — and walking into the store. Another camera shows the man walking through the store's doors.

At 5:12, a camera catches the man, dressed in a light yellow shirt, standing, appearing as though he's watching something.

Image source: WTLV-TV

Soon after, the panning camera depicts the man looking toward the restrooms, then walking toward a restroom and then walking inside it.

Image source: WTLV-TV

After this point WTLV noted that Jacksonville Sheriff's Office investigators said Tadros, 29, punched and kicked the girl in the restroom, placed a plastic bag over her head, and held her head down in the toilet.

At the camera's 5:13 time code, only about a minute after walking into the restroom, the man leaves, then stops about where he stood before walking toward the bathroom, and then looks at employees.

The rest of the available clips do not depict the man believed to be Tadros. At 5:19 a woman with an umbrella, apparently a customer, walks toward the restrooms then turns. According to police, a customer heard screams and then helped the child inside the restroom.

WTLV noted that it isn't certain that the woman with the umbrella is the customer who helped the girl.

Later a person dressed in black, apparently a store employee, is seen running toward the restroom.

Less than a minute later, the woman with an umbrella comes out of the restroom and appears upset and shaking against a wall.

Image source: WTLV-TV

WTLV reports that it has "advanced" the video so it can be viewed more easily.

TheBlaze spoke Wednesday with the public records clerk at the state attorney's office in Jacksonville for more information regarding the video published by WTLV, as it appears to contradict details, attributed to law enforcement, noted in an earlier WTLV report about the incident. The clerk, who declined to give her name or comment, said the full redacted surveillance video is one hour and 45 minutes in length and would answer all questions.

In a WTLV article and video report published two days after the incident, law enforcement officials reported that Tadros lured the girl into the women's bathroom — but the WTLV-published surveillance video shows the man believed to be Tadros going in alone around 5:12 (after which police said that's when he beat up the girl, according to WTLV). The man then exited about a minute later.

WTLV also reported that a customer heard screaming and crying from inside the restroom, entered, asked if help was needed, heard mumbling, called employees — one of whom who looked under a handicapped stall and saw Tadros allegedly putting the girl's head inside a toilet. At that point Tadros dropped the victim, WTLV said, who was escorted out of the restroom while employees detained Tadros until police arrived.

However, the video published by WTLV shows the man believed to be Tadros leaving the restroom alone at 5:13, six minutes before the customer entered the restroom and apparently called for help.

It's possible that the man believed to be Tadros lured the girl into the restroom and beat her between the 5:13 and 5:19 marks, a period of time not shown on the video published by WTLV, but the state attorney's records clerk wouldn't comment on any specific questions about the video.

Police said Tadros didn't know the girl and it appears to be an isolated incident.

"By the grace of God she survived customer and employees got in when they did. If it had been any longer this could have been a much worse outcome," Jay Farhat of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office told WTLV.

Here's the surveillance video published by WTLV:

Here's the report that aired just after the assault:

Police video of Tadros after he taken into custody:

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