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Good Samaritan Shot While Helping Save a Family 'on Their Knees Execution-Style' From Four Attackers


"I praise God because he got us out of it."

The Good Samaritan is not being identified because the suspects have not been caught. (Image source: KHOU-TV)

A 28-year-old from Texas was shot Sunday morning while helping a desperate family under attack by four masked men, but he says he's more disturbed by what he saw happening to the family than by what happened to him.

“I glanced inside and these guys had, they had his wife and they had I'm guessing his daughters and they had them on their knees execution-style," the unnamed man told KHOU-TV, appearing to choke up at the thought. "And two of the guys had guns at their heads."

good samaritan The man who helped save a Texas family is not being identified because the suspects have not been caught. (Image source: KHOU-TV)

Jose Espinosa's Houston home was stormed by the men, who ended up stealing several items around 4:30 a.m. while his family slept.

William Espinoza, 17, told KRIV-TV he woke up to gunshots and thought he was dreaming at first.

"As I woke up, I saw two men in my room. They told me to face down on the pillow and not say anything and if I look, they will shoot me," the teen recalled, telling the news station he didn't know if his parents were dead or alive at the time.

Jose and William Espinosa William (left) and Jose (right) Espinosa describe the armed invasion. (Image source: KHOU-TV)

William said he could hear his mother crying and talking between his father and the men. Then he heard glass; his father had jumped out the window.

"I heard screaming and I thought someone died. I was just scared. At that moment I was just praying," William told KRIV.

But Jose Espinoza wasn't shot. Outside the home, he ran to the street to flag down a driver for help.

“He’s screaming, ‘Help me! Help me! They’re inside my house. They’ve got my family,'" the man who stopped told KHOU.

The man went into the residence and fought with the intruders. That's when William heard a gunshot.

"I heard a gunshot, that's the moment I started to think, is it my dad? Is it my mom? So I started to pray. I heard three gunshots," he said.

The masked men fled, taking cellphones and computers.

The good Samaritan, who was shot in the leg and is expected to survive, told KHOU he thinks his actions are something "anybody else would do it, not just me."

The Espinoza family is thankful for this man.

"He said he's very grateful to him and he's sorry he had to go through that shock," William translated for his father, who spoke in Spanish, to KHOU.

Watch KHOU-TV's report:

The suspects are still at large, according to reports.

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