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Police Shoot Dead a Wild Naked Man With 'Superhuman Strength' After He Allegedly Violently Assaulted Countless Victims


"He was like an NFL linebacker."

Police shot a man dead Tuesday evening after he reportedly went on a rampage, running naked through a Florida neighborhood, attacking residents, growling at police and refusing to calm down.

Cell phone footage shows suspect Anesson Joseph, 28, clashing with officers who first tried to subdue him with a Taser. When multiple attempts failed, police, who claim that the man seemed to be in a "state of psychosis," shot him, The Daily Mail reported.

The clash followed multiple attacks that Joseph allegedly waged against people in the neighborhood. He reportedly chased Douglas Kozlik, 66, a retired cop, which resulted in minor injuries for the man.

In separate incidents, Joseph was accused of attacking a 10-year-old boy and of sparking a violent clash with Tony Grein, an 18-year-old who also lives in the Delray Beach neighborhood.

The clash between Joseph and the teenager reportedly began after the suspect attacked Grein's 16-year-old sister outside the family's home. The Palm Beach Post reports that Grein tackled the man in an effort to stop the attack; his sister was able to escape into the home while the two tussled.

According to Grein, Joseph attempted to bite Grein's face, resulting in cuts, bruises and stitches on the teen's ear. While Grein had tried to defend himself, he claims that Joseph, who he described as "ridiculously strong," was simply too much to combat. Luckily, he escaped.

"I can say from personal experience if this guy can take a couple of stab wounds and gun shots and still move and hurt people I think they did what they had to do to protect everyone," Grein told WPTV-TV of Joseph's shooting death.

Authorities soon cornered Joseph, noting that he seemed to be on some sort of narcotic. And that's when the violent clash unfolded that ultimately led to the suspect's death.

"This guy had superhuman strength. He was a big guy to start with," Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told WPTV-TV. "He was at least 6 feet 3 inches and 250 pounds. He was not fat. He was like an NFL linebacker. Basically he was terrorizing people up and down the street."

While authorities reportedly tried to help him after he was shot, Joseph reportedly resisted and died later at a local hospital.

Grein's father, Mario Grein, who also stepped in to punch the suspect but to no avail, said that Joseph might have attacked additional people if police didn't step in to stop him.

"He had plenty of strength to take out more people," he told The Palm Beach Post.

(H/T: Daily Mail)


Featured image via WPTV-TV

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