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I'm Gonna Chop Your Body Up': Christian Rapper Gets Death Threats Over Song About Gays


"You can play straight, we can never play white."

Rapper Bizzle is ruffling more than a few feathers with his musical response to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love." Taking aim at the gay affirming tune, Bizzle's own song, titled "Same Love (A Response)," has apparently angered some people so much that the performer is fielding death threats.

Considering the lyrics, it's no surprise that anger abounds. Bizzle holds little back, lambasting the media for only showing one side of the issue and speaking directly to gays and lesbians, calling same-sex relations sinful.

"It's funny how the media portrays things, they're really pushing hard for this gay thing, and it's so wicked how they manipulate things. Can't even disagree without them making it a hate thing," he raps at the beginning of the tune.

One of the more controversial portions of the song describes comparisons that are often made between gay and civil rights, particularly when it comes to the plight of African Americans in the U.S.

"And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate you would compare your sexual habits to my skin, calling it the new black," Bizzle raps. "Tell me where they do that. They hung us like tree ornaments. Where were you at? ... Ever been murdered just for trying to learn how to read bro? ... You can play straight, we can never play white."

And that's only a portion of what's discussed in "Same Love (A Response)."

Listen to the song below:

Bizzle, of course, is hearing from his fair share of critics -- some of whom he says want him dead as a result of his social commentary.

"People telling (me) things like, 'oh I'm gonna chop your body up and send it to your family,'" the rapper told KRIV-TV.

He's even setup a website to show what he believes is hypocrisy, posting social media comments that have resulted following his response to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It's at LetToleranceBegin.com. See some of those messages below (caution: strong language):

Image source: Image source: LetToleranceBegin.com

"When I propose my beliefs, just respect them the same way supposed to respect you. I just tweeted yesterday, if you see me out with a woman who is not my wife, I expect you to check me on it," he told KRIV-TV. "Because I'm Bizzle and I rap, I don't get to be out cheating on my wife, and get a pass. As brothers and sisters in Christ we hold ourselves, we hold each other accountable."



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