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Greta Van Susteren is 'Team Costas Pinkeye

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

It's sort of unclear from her "off the record" commentary Tuesday night but we believe Fox News's Greta Van Susteren wants Bob Costas to recover quickly from his grotesque ongoing double-eye infection.

The NBC sportscaster anchored the first evening of the Winter Olympics on Monday but had to sit it out Tuesday and will also Wednesday for his malady.

Previously, Van Susteren blasted Costas for opening the Olympics with a glowing TV segment on Russian President Vladimir Putin. But after Costas's eye troubles got worse, she took a different tone.

"I can't hold pinkeye against him," Van Susteren said on her show Tuesday. "Tonight, I actually feel sorry for him. And so I am now Team Costas pinkeye." (We hope that means she's rooting for Costas and not for the pinkeye)

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