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Do your own homework: 'For the Record' research for ‘State Secrets’


For The Record repeatedly reached out to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office for comment before this story aired. They did not respond. Sara Carter will continue to seek comment and we will update this page if we receive a response, comment or statement.

The full text of the 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, better known as the "Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill."

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board's official results for the 2012 recall election for Scott Walker.

Matt Kittle writes for Wisconsin Reporter, which is part of You can follow Wisconsin Reporter on Twitter @wisconsinreport

The full text of Wisconsin's John Doe law for investigations.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's office official website. Their Twitter account is @MCSOSheriff.

Hans von Spakovsky is a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation. He is on Twitter @HvonSpakovsky.

The chart showing the flow of money to "Defendant Kavanaugh" is on page 3 of this criminal complaint: Kavanaugh_complaint_010312

The document showing the layout of the Milwaukee County Executive offices is on page 53 of this criminal complaint: Rindfleisch_Complaint_012612

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article shown during the section on the leaks from investigators.

This Democratic Party campaign memo references the John Doe investigation on page 4: strategy_plan

The website shown during the episode.

The report on up to 70 members of the District Attorney's office signing the petition to recall Scott Walker came from The site was able to confirm 43 of those names, but the actual number may be as high as 70. was also responsible for the report on the political contributions made by members of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm's ties to organized labor include an appearance at a 2012 "Workers' Memorial Day" event.

The article referencing "abusive prosecutors" appeared in the Wall Street Journal on January 16, 2014.

The Wisconsin law pertaining to the handling of credit card information by merchants that Brekken would have violated by having or sending those records is in Subchapter IV: Wisc Credit Card Law

The email from Schwartz to Landgraf shown in the episode, with personal contact information redacted: Schwartz email redacted

The response from Landgraf to Schwartz, with personal contact information redacted: Landgraf email redacted

The John Doe subpeona shown during the episode: John Doe Subpoena

The judge's comment that "Mr. Landgraf was behaving badly" appears on page 62 of this court document.

Landgraf's quote "what difference does it make?" comes from an article on the Wisconsin Reporter by Matt Kittle.

The official website of the Wisconsin Club For Growth.  The ad shown during the episode is available on the club's YouTube channel.

The article on the judge quashing the subpoenas is from the Wall Street Journal. A separate article from the Wall Street Journal on the subject is shown a moment later.

The lawsuit filed by Eric O'Keefe and the Wisconsin Club for Growth over the John Doe investigation.

Chris Liebenthal's blog "Cognitive Dissidence" was at the center of the controversy about using a taxpayer-funded computer for “excessive political blogging.”

The juxtaposition of the handling of the Wink and Rindfleisch cases with the Liebenthal case is covered in greater detail in this Wisconsin Reporter article.

The website says at the bottom that it is "Paid for by American Bridge 21st Century PAC."  Matt Kittle of Wisconsin Reporter wrote an article about the possible national impact of the John Doe investigations that are being pushed by that super PAC, headed by a former Democratic National Committee spokesman: Liberal group looking to take Wisconsin’s John Doe national.

Politico assessed the recent release of emails linked to the John Doe case as "The Walker scandal snoozer" because there was nothing particularly damaging to Walker in any of them.

In what some people see as a related case of possible targeting, four Republican senators sent a letter to the FBI director asking for details on how the FBI uncovered possible campaign finance violations by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza. They want to know how many similar searches were conducted, and whether they were done randomly or aimed at specific candidates or donors. You can also learn more about the charges against D'Souza.

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