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The Story of Jesus Is Our Story': Actress Says 'Son of God' Movie Is Changing Lives After Huge Weekend Open


"We are hearing stories that are incredibly touching and healing."

Actress Roma Downey said she and her husband, TV producer Mark Burnett, are thrilled following the incredibly strong release of their new feature film "Son of God," telling TheBlaze that they have seen "overwhelming support" and that the movie is very literally changing peoples' lives.

"We poured our hearts and souls into this project. This was a deeply personal journey for us," Downey told TheBlaze in an email. "The story of Jesus is our story. This is our faith."

"Son of God" fetched $26.5 million at the box office this weekend, coming in second behind the action thriller "Non-Stop." It was the second-biggest opening weekend for a Christian film ever, behind Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

Having put out their record-breaking History Channel series "The Bible" and now "Son of God," Downey said that she and Burnett are excited to see so many people be spiritually moved by Jesus' story.

"After all the hard work over many years it is gratifying to know that millions showed up this weekend to experience 'Son of God,' to be moved by the story of Jesus on the big screen and to be inspired by it," she said.

Downey she she has already heard many stories about people who have opened their hearts to God as a result of the movie, which she believes is a true "conversation starter."

"Entire families are attending 'Son of God' together and sharing it with their own kids. Parents are using the film as a conversation starter to help bring the story of Jesus to life for their children," she said. "We are hearing stories that are incredibly touching and healing."

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Downey said that PostTrak, an exit polling service, found that "Son of God" received a 91 percent positive rating among audiences, something she described as "remarkable" and one of the highest ratings among recently released films.

As for Downey and Burnett, after months on the road promoting "Son of God," the two are happy to be back together with their children and family.


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