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Video: Charles Krauthammer Holds Nothing Back in Scathing, Thorough Critique of Obama’s Handling of Russia


"Putin looks at this guy and says I’m dealing with an adolescent, this is a community organizer..."

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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday blasted President Barack Obama’s handling of Russia, starting with his administration’s infamous “reset” towards the beginning of his presidency.

Krauthammer explained that the U.S. and Russia were not on the greatest terms after the Bush administration and some of America’s allies "froze" relations. However, the sanctions were implemented after Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.

“First thing Obama does when he comes into office — the reset means the reversal of all the freezes all the sanctions,” he told host Bill O'Reilly. “That was a freebie, [Putin] didn’t give up anything. That’s the first signal the Europeans are getting from this new president.”

(Fox News) (Fox News)

Next, Krauthammer explained, Obama cancelled a previous missile defense agreement that the “Poles and the Czechs had agreed to under the Bush administration.”

“The Russians put a lot of pressure — Obama cancels it unilaterally without even asking the Poles or the Czechs, leaving their leaders way out on a limb, humiliating them,” he added, saying their explanation for the action was “bogus.”

He then took apart Obama’s "theory" on foreign policy as a whole.

“Obama’s whole theory on international relations was: If i’m nice to Iran, if I offer them all kinds of goodies, if I’m nice to the North Koreans, if I’m nice to any adversaries anywhere… He wanted to show the Russians that he was willing to bury the hatchet on all the past and then he wanted cooperation in other areas,” Krauthammer said.

“Putin looks at this guy and says I’m dealing with an adolescent, this is a community organizer, he doesn’t understand how the world works. What Putin did, a KGB agent and a thug, he pockets all the things Obama offers him for nothing, he walks away and then he struts the world stage knowing he has an adversary in the White House who will do nothing. And he has done nothing,” he added.

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