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Scott Brown denies Greta Van Susteren report that it's 'certain' he'll run for Senate


Former Republican Sen. Scott Brown and Greta Van Susteren may be colleagues at Fox News. But that doesn't necessarily mean they talk.

On Tuesday, Van Susteren tweeted that she's been "told" it's "certain" Brown will make another bid for the Senate out of New Hampshire, where he is considering a run.

Maybe that was news to Brown. "I am not sure who she talked to, but it was not me," he told Politico. "I know what the timelines are and when I need to make a decision, one way or the other. I will make my decisions in due course. Until I announce or file with the FEC (Federal Election Commission), it is all just speculation."

The last time Brown was on Van Susteren's show was in 2012.

We've requested comment from Van Susteren

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