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Mark Levin won't watch Chris Christie's CPAC speech

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

Continuing with TheBlaze Blog's coverage of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference out in National Harbor, Md...

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

We spotted Conservative radio talker Mark Levin near the row of radio booths, talking with some fans, even hugging a few.

Heading into this year's event, there were reports that it has taken on a more inclusive tone than in the past, inviting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to speak, after he was shut out in 2013 and even welcoming gay Republicans. We asked for Levin's thoughts.

"I don't think a hell of a lot of it, quite frankly," Levin told us. "As for an inclusive tone, my attitude is this: We have to unite behind our principles and eventually unite behind a candidate, or we're going to get another Northeastern liberal Republican and we're gonna lose. We're not there yet but we will get  there because the country needs us."

Asked if Christie qualified as a "Northeastern liberal Republican," Levin simply said "yes."

So, will Levin come into the hotel ballroom for Christie's speech? "No."

Speaking of a more inclusive tone, Levin threw in that he and Glenn Beck, who owns TheBlaze, "are friends now."

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