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Here's a Preview of 9/11 Footage From Space That Will Be Seen in Full for the First Time This Month


"...every frame that was shot on that day is in the show."

(Image source: Daily Mail)

A British television show will air the full footage -- never before seen by the public -- of the Sept. 11 terror attacks as viewed from space next week.

Clips of the attacks on the World Trade Center were released by NASA several years ago to mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11. But "not every frame has been seen before, so every frame that was shot on that day is in the show," Tom Brisley, creative director of "Live from Space" said, according to the U.K's Press Association.

(Image source: Daily Mail) Image source: Daily Mail

Here's a preview of the footage obtained by the U.K.'s Daily Mail:

The soulful video captured by NASA astronaut Frank Culbertson on the International Space Station will include his commentary about what it was like to be in space on that fateful Tuesday.

Culbertson, who was the only American not on Earth during the attack, would later learn that a friend was one of the pilots killed by terrorists on a hijacked plane.

"It's the first time we have had it in that form with Frank talking us through it. If that had been in a movie you'd have gone, 'oh come on, that guy's got a trumpet?' But reality is stranger than fiction sometimes," Sally Dixon, executive producer of the show, told the Press Association, referencing the moment Culbertson, a retired Navy captain, played taps for his deceased friend.

For more watch this 12-minute video NASA released in 2011, which includes more footage from Culbertson and his message from space after the attack:

The "Living from Space" episode "Astronauts: Houston We Have A Problem" will document other aspects of astronaut life and dramatic moments, such as when Italian Luca Parmitano nearly drowned when his helmet filled with water.

The documentary will begin screening on Britain's Channel 4 on March 13.

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