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How This Ridiculously Cute 3-Month-Old Puppy Likely Saved the Lives of His New Family


Hunter, a 3-month-old husky mix, had only been part of the McLarty family in Gross Pointe Woods, Mich., when he likely saved their lives.

Jill McLarty told WJBK-TV that the puppy wouldn’t stop whining in the middle of the night last week. She let him go outside in case he needed to go to the bathroom, but he just sat by the door until she let him back in.

WJBK-TV Screengrab via WJBK-TV

When Hunter kept whining, she decided to try and figure out just what it was that the pup wanted.

Hunter led McLarty to the kitchen. When she flipped on the light, the animal was sitting next to the stove.

Then she saw it.

McLarty claims she noticed one of the gas burners was on “low.” There was no flame, meaning gas had been leaking into their house since the family had eaten dinner about six hours before.

The family says the puppy went to sleep almost immediately after the burner was turned off.

“Most of the family members say they had colds so they weren't able to smell the leaking gas,” WJBK-TV adds.

That’s a good dog.

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