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New Chinese Satellite Pictures May Show Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet



The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that U.S. investigators suspect Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continued flying for about four additional hours after it lost contact with air traffic controllers with its radar detection transponders intentionally turned off, suggesting the possibility that the flight may have been diverted to an undisclosed location.

Malaysian officials also said the satellite images from the Chinese that may have showed a crash site do not show a downed jet.

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Images captured by a Chinese satellite Sunday and released Wednesday afternoon may show the missing Malaysia Airlines jet that disappeared days ago, CNN reported.

The images show three sizable floating objects, according to CNN, which added that the satellites "observed a suspected crash at sea."

The objects captured in the images are 13 by 18 meters (43 by 59 feet), 14 by 19 meters and 24 by 22 meters, according to CNN.

The possible jet debris was spotted by satellites northeast of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, just south of Vietnam.

Here are the released images:

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