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Do your own homework: 'For the Record' research for ‘The Purge’


A detailed look at "The Purge" and its true cost by TheBlaze contributor Patrick Poole.

"Has the Obama administration left the nation vulnerable to terrorism?" by TheBlaze correspondent Sara Carter.

Patrick Poole is on Twitter: @pspoole

Andrew McCarthy is on Twitter: @AndrewCMcCarthy

Rep. Louie Gohmert is on Twitter: @replouiegohmert

Judicial Watch is on Twitter: @JudicialWatch

You can watch the documentary "The Project" on-demand on TheBlaze TV or buy a copy from Amazon.

Egypt's government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization in December 2013.

You can read more from Sebastian Gorka at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

You can read more from Stephen Coughlin at the Center for Security Policy.

The clip shown from one of Coughlin's briefings came from a presentation at the Freedom Defense Initiative.

The "Words that Work and Words that Don't" memo shown in the episode.

The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training document shown in the episode.

You can watch Rep. Louie Gohmert's entire floor speech on political correctness and terrorism on C-SPAN. His speech begins 6:25:00 into that clip.

The graphic with the number of times certain terms appeared in various government reports is from one of Stephen Coughlin's presentations: Disappearing CT Language

One of the presentations that was purged: Doctrinal_Basis_For Jihad

The purged presentation "So What Can We Do?"

Some of the Wired Magazine stories shown during the episode:

The transcript of Ackerman's September 14, 2011 appearance on "Maddow."

The October 2011 letter to John Brennan sent by Muslim groups, demanding action on the training materials.

The list of unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial. CAIR appears on page 5, ISNA appears on page 8.

The Muslim Brotherhood's "An Explanatory Memorandum" document uncovered during a 1991 raid in Virginia. Page 32 lists ISNA as one of the Muslim Brotherhood's North American front groups. This raid and document are explained in detail in the 2012 documentary "The Project."

The Eric Holder testimony shown during the episode came from a November 8, 2011 Justice Department Oversight hearing. The answer shown during the episode starts at 2:14:30.

The ISNA press release on their February 2012 meeting with then-FBI Director Robert Mueller is no longer available on the ISNA website. You can view an archived version here: ISNA meets Mueller

The details on the numbers and specifics of documents removed during the purge come from a Judicial Watch report. The numbers of documents removed are on the page labeled 8 at the bottom. The page referring to the "Subject Matter Experts" is labeled 5 at the bottom.

The interaction between Rep. Louie Gohmert and then-FBI Director Robert Mueller about the "Subject Matter Experts" came during a May 9, 2012 House Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI Oversight. Rep. Gohmert's questioning starts at 53:00 and then again at 1:19:35.

The full transcript of the House Judiciary Committee meeting with the senior FBI official: 032312 FBI HJC transcript. The section highlighted in the episode is on page 5.

The complaint that "the overall tenor of the presentation is too informal in the current context" is on page 265.

The complaint about linking al-Qaeda to the 1998 Khobar Towers and 1993 World Trade Center bombing is on page 231.

The complaint that "the overall tenor of the presentation is problematic" is on page 145.

The complaint that "the entire item should be removed from the FBI's available training material corpus" is on page 23.

The press release from ISNA showing Imam Mohammed Magid with President Obama at a White House Iftar dinner is no longer available on the ISNA website. It is still archived online. You can also see a screenshot of the top of the article here: ISNA Joins White House Iftar and a screenshot of the entire article here: ISNA Joins White House Iftar - Full

The press release showing U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis with ISNA National Director Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed has also been removed from the ISNA website. It was originally available at

The press release "Nat’l Security Adviser Stresses Muslims as Part of ‘American Family’" is no longer available on the ISNA website. A release on that meeting from another group, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, is still online. A screenshot of that article is saved here: Nat’l Security Adviser Stresses Muslims as Part of ‘American Family’ During Speech at ADAMS Center

The full Judicial Watch report including the purged materials obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. That page includes links to many of the documents shown in this episode.

The For The Record episode about the Boston Marathon bombing was titled "System Failure" and is available on-demand.

The interaction between Rep. Louie Gohmert and then-FBI Director Robert Mueller about the Islamic Society of Boston mosque came during a June 13, 2013 House Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI Oversight. Rep. Gohmert's questioning starts at 2:03:00.

The articles of incorporation for the Islamic Society of Boston, including Abdulrahman Alamoudi's name that Rep. Gohmert was holding up: ISB Articles of Organization

A Department of Justice press release on Alamoudi's 2004 sentencing on terror-related charges.

Andrew McCarthy's book "Willful Blindness."

President Obama's video greeting for ISNA's 50th Anniversary celebration.

President Obama meeting with a Muslim Brotherhood lobbyist at the White House in January 2014.

"The FBI's Guiding Principles" document.

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