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So Totally Shocked': Pastor Claims Police Prevented Him From Feeding the Homeless


"That makes me so mad. These people are hungry. They're starving."

The image on the side of (Image source: WBVA-TV)

New regulations in Birmingham, Ala., are reportedly making it increasingly difficult for churches to feed the homeless.

Consider Pastor Rick Wood of The Lords House of Prayer, a church in Oneonta, Ala., who claims police recently stopped him along with other Christians from feeding the poor in an area park, because they didn't have a permit, WBMA-TV reported.

Wood said that he was told he'd need permission from the health department with official status as a registered "food truck" if he wanted to feed the homeless in the public park.

"That makes me so mad. These people are hungry. They're starving," he said. "They need help from people. They can't afford to buy something from a food truck."

While not a food truck in the traditional sense, it appears Wood's ministry, which delivers food to the poor, might also be governed under new regulations that were adopted by the Birmingham City Council in December.

The new law, which emerged after restaurant owners complained that food trucks were taking business away from them, governs where and when food venders can utilize their trucks to interact with the general public.

The image on the side of (Image source: WBVA-TV) The image on the side of Pastor Rick Wood's truck (Image source: WBMA-TV)

In addition to paying between $300 and $500 or a permit, trucks cannot operate within 150 feet of a restaurant and they must only operate during limited hours.

The text of the ordinance mentions nothing of feeding the poor or homeless.

Despite being told he isn't allowed to feed the poor without abiding by local regulations, Wood said he plans to continue doing what he's always done.

"I'm just so totally shocked that the city is turning their back on the homeless like this," the preacher added. "It's like they want to chase them out of the city. And the homeless can't help the position they're in. They need help."

The public information officer for the Birmingham Police Department declined to speak on the record with TheBlaze about the regulation when reached via phone Monday.

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