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Victim From First Ft. Hood Shooting Has a Recommendation the Anti-Gun Crowd Won't Like

In this Tuesday, June 4, 2013, retired Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford holds one of the bullets removed from his body after he was wounded in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage, at his home in Lillington, N.C. (Credit: AP)

Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford (Ret.) was shot seven times when gunfire rang out at Ft. Hood in 2009. And on Thursday morning in the wake of the latest tragedy on the base, he offered a solution to protecting military members on bases that's sure to rile the anti-gun crowd: arm the soldiers.

"I am extremely angry," he said on "Fox and Friends." He went on to criticize the government for giving people "what they wanted to hear" instead of fixing the issue.

"We are trained to be able to operate these weapons and make good decisions with the weapons. As I stated before, guns don't kill people, people kill people," he explained. "But if you are allowed to carry the weapons on the base, that's a deterrent. Even if you have a terrorist that's going to try to do something against our country they won't do it because they know what the end result will be. Or if you have a disgruntled person, they won't do it because they know what the end result will be."

He also went on to say that the process for soldiers with PTSD needs to be assessed, since those who go in for help don't immediately get it.

Early Thursday morning, former CNN host Piers Morgan tweeted that the argument for arming more people with guns to stop such attacks is "such crap."

If you're interested in diving deeper into Lunsford's account of what happened in 2009, you can view TheBlaze TV's special For the Recordepisode on that attack for free and read up on him here.

Blaze editors Elizabeth Kreft and Sarah Rivette discuss their base and deployment experiences on the BlazeCast:

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