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View From the Parachute: Navy SEALs Skydive Into Stadium


Ever jumped out of a plane full of special operators? Get a taste.

When a Navy SEAL shows up, you know they mean business. Even when it's the business of parachuting into a baseball stadium.

The United States Navy Parachute Team, commonly dubbed the Leap Frogs, released a video with incredible views of their jump demonstration into the San Diego Padres stadium on March 30.

w Checking out the landing site before taking the leap. (Image source: YouTube)

w And this is the moment when most of us would freak out. (Image source: YouTube)

The Leap Frogs are the Navy's official parachute demonstration team. They perform at sporting events, air shows and other high-profile events to represent the service to spectators who may not normally get to meet military professionals.

The team consists of all-volunteer active-duty personnel drawn from Naval Special Warfare -- including Navy SEALs -- Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen and support personnel.

w One of the Leap Frogs snapped photos and video of the entire drop. Here you can see some of the team members have already landed on the field while the cameraman is still airborne. (Image source: YouTube)

For this jump, the Leap Frogs helped the Padres honor baseball legend Jerry Coleman by flying a special flag with his initials and trademark star.

The Leap Frogs have at least 20 other performances already scheduled for the upcoming summer season. And you can get a taste of taking the leap alongside the SEALs by watching the video of their Padres entrance:

And if you want a behind-the-scenes look at how the team prepares for these jumps, check it out:

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