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'We're Paying for People…Who Hate the Damn Country!': Beck's Fiery Rant Against the Shameless Way America Is Treating Its Veterans


"It is a real true abomination what this country is doing..."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program April 3, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

In the wake of the shooting at Fort Hood on Wednesday, Glenn Beck lamented the way America has treated its veterans as a shameful "abomination."

"I'll tell you what our forces need," he said heatedly on his radio program Thursday. "Our forces need [respect] when they come home. We're sending money to that damn surfer who doesn't want to work ...We're paying for people who refuse to work, who hate this damn country! We are giving all kinds of services to people who aren't even here legally. And yet the people who put on our uniform and go out and fight a war ... they come back and they have post-traumatic stress disorder. They have concussion after concussion after concussion, and what do we do? We don't help them get well! When they come back, we say, 'Go to Fort Hood. We'll look into it.' Then you are just kinda lost in the shuffle."

Beck made it clear: "Do I feel bad for the shooter? No. He shot a bunch of people. Do I blame him? Yes. He was the one who pulled the trigger. [But] do these people in Washington stand some blame? Yes, they do. Do we? Yes, we do."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program April 3, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program April 3, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said that even if he no longer understands what the United States is doing in the Middle East, those who have put their lives on the line in service of this country still deserve our respect. Instead, he added, we give them the worst of our services.

"We can fix some of the things that we have put them through," Beck said. "Don't we owe it to them? [Instead,] we give them the VA. Would you want your kid sitting in the VA? You know anything about the VA? There was a reason that everybody had those big dorky Drew Carey glasses that were in the military - because the military medical insurance sucks."

Beck said he doesn't understand how Americans can be unclear about the rights laid out in the Second Amendment, but even the most anti-gun, who say the rights only apply to those in a "militia," should be able to see that we should not have disarmed our men and women at Fort Hood.

"I don't understand a country that disarms the military," Beck said simply. "We can't trust them with guns, but you can trust them with guns to fight a war? ... It's insane. I think it is an abomination, quite honestly. I think it is a real true abomination what this country is doing, and I refuse to put my name on it. I stand firmly in defense of the military. I stand firmly in their right to keep and bear arms."

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