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Shocking Video Captures the Moment Two Customers Brawled With Most of the Employees in a Texas Restaurant


A manager at a Houston restaurant was suspended after footage of a vicious brawl between customers and staff was uploaded online this week.

Image source: YouTube. Image source: YouTube

Chachos restaurant CEO John Burke told KTRK-TV that the store manager will remain suspended until the company is finished reviewing the details of the fight.

Burke said the fight began when a customer tried to leave the restaurant with alcohol, which is against the law, prompting the staff to call the police. However, according to Burke, rather than wait for the authorities to handle the situation, the store manager tried to do it alone, reportedly demanding that the customer leave without the alcohol.

But here's something else: According to the YouTube video description, the manager didn't just try to get the one customer to leave, but he also allegedly refused her a refund and called her a “bitch.”

"Chacho's Employees In Houston Fight 2 Customers After Manager Refused To Refund Woman's Money Back & Calls Her A B!tch!" the video description reads.

This allegation has not be confirmed by Chachos and it is not certain whether the manager actually shouted this insult. What is known, however, is that someone crossed a line and that a nasty fight broke out between the staff and two customers. (Content warning: Video contains strong language)

Burke reiterated in his conversation with KRTV-TV that the manager should have waited for police to arrive.

He said the company will do its best to conduct a thorough internal review.

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