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Palestinian Teenager Describes Her Chilling Life’s Goal


"My life's ambition is to reach the level that the Martyr fighter Dalal Mughrabi reached..."

Screenshot: Palestinian Authority television via Palestinian Media Watch

A Palestinian teenager told a television interviewer that her ambition in life is to walk in the footsteps of a notorious female terrorist responsible for killing dozens of Israelis.

In the recent interview broadcast on the Palestinian Authority’s official television station, the unnamed girl said she considers Dalal Mughrabi to be her role model. Mughrabi was a PLO militant who participated in the brutal 1978 terrorist attack that killed 38 Israeli civilians after she and her co-conspirators hijacked two buses and a taxi on Israel’s coastal highway.

Screenshot: Palestinian Authority television via Palestinian Media Watch Screenshot: Palestinian Authority television via Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian television last month interviewed girls and teachers at the Dalal Mughrabi High School for Girls in Gaza named after the notorious terrorist when one of the students expressed her future aspiration.

"My life's ambition is to reach the level that the Martyr fighter Dalal Mughrabi reached," one girl said.

Another teenage girl said, "Dalal Mughrabi is a great leader, who raised more and more and worked for the Palestinian cause to protect the pure land of the homeland, by defending Jerusalem to liberate it.”

“This fighter may have died and her soul may have ascended to Heaven, but still our mothers give birth to thousands like Dalal, and she still walks among us. Dalal Mughrabi has given us a lot, and I personally am proud to attend the Dalal Mughrabi School, which bears this pioneering name," the unnamed girl added.

Palestinian Media Watch, a Jerusalem-based research organization that tracks incitement to violence in Palestinian media outlets, translated excerpts from the interview to English and posted them on its website Monday.

The research group pointed out that this kind of glorification of terrorists, not only among students but also by the Palestinian establishment, is regularly documented in the local media, including public announcements about the rewarding of generous government salaries to convicted terrorists and the naming of schools after those who have committed violent attacks against Israeli civilians.

“The girl's statement demonstrates the PA's [Palestinian Authority’s] effectiveness in presenting terrorist murderers as heroes and role models for Palestinian youth,” Palestinian Media Watch said on its website.

Director of Palestinian Media Watch Itamar Marcus told TheBlaze via email on Monday, “The Palestinian Authority has poisoned an entire generation of Palestinian children to believe that murder of Israeli civilians, including children, is heroic and something that Allah desires and rewards.”

“In order for Israel to have real peace with children who have been so poisoned we need not just successful negotiations but years of reeducation and detoxification. The longer the West funds the Palestinian Authority without conditioning it on elimination of Palestinian Authority hate messaging, the West is responsible for the terror Israel will experience in the coming years,” Marcus added.

The widespread lionization of Mughrabi was further visible in an interview with a teacher in the same Gaza school.

"Dalal Mughrabi is a fighter who carried out jihad and struggle from the beginning of her life,” the unnamed teacher said. “She was one of the brave female fighters who carried out martyrdom-seeking operations.” Palestinian Media Watch noted that "martyrdom-seeking operations" is a euphemism for terrorist attacks.

“We in the Ministry of Education had the honor of naming our school after the martyr Dalal Mughrabi, so that her eternal memory will stay for a long time,” the teacher added.

Palestinian Media Watch reported that the Gaza school featured in the recent television clip is not the only educational institution named after Mughrabi. It has found at least two other Palestinian schools and one kindergarten, summer camps and sporting events in the West Bank named after her.

Here is the clip from Palestinian television courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch:


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