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Is That Really How They Wanted This to Happen? Tranquilized Bear Falls From Tree, Goes Right Through Tarp


"I feel really sad for him

Image source: WJGH

A Florida fire department tried to take precautions before tranquilizing a black bear in a neighborhood tree, in order to relocate it to a safer environment.

Before the state's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission tranquilized the bear 350-pound bear, which climbed a Panama City city tree Sunday night, the fire department rigged a set of tarps to catch it.

Image source: WJGH Image source: WJGH-TV

Unfortunately, things didn't seem to go quite as planned.

Instead of cushioning the bear's fall, the animal went right through the tarps when it fell from the tree.

Image source: WJGH Image source: WJGH-TV

Watch the footage:

But in the end, the bear woke up just fine.

"He is in great shape, it's a very safe drug. The tarps worked awesome … very nice job with the tarps; very nice landing," Jerry Pitts with the wildlife commission told WJHG-TV of the bear that was removed from the tree Monday.

The bear had been up in the tree since Sunday night.

"I feel really sad for him, he's scared and he hasn't eaten. He doesn't know that law enforcement just want to keep him safe, so he's terrified and we're hoping for a good outcome," one resident told WMBB-TV before the bear was removed.

The bear was transported to Apalachicola National Forrest.

(H/T: Daily Telegraph)

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