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Snowmobiling Couple Charged by Moose – Not Even a Warning Shot Scared It Away


"We have never seen one be this aggressive..."

Image source: YouTube

A New Hampshire couple was enjoying a snowmobile ride in Maine Friday when a moose turned on them and began to charge.

Janis and Bob Powell told WBZ-TV the moose jumped out in front of them and ran. Being on their trail, they followed the moose for a minute before it stopped.

"Contrary to what some people think, we WERE NOT chasing this moose; it had come out onto the trail and we followed it expecting it to get off the trail any time, which always happens when coming across them," the couple wrote on their YouTube channel.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

This moose, however, came close to Bob Powell's vehicle, which he had hopped off, and sniffed around while his wife filmed on her helmet camera from behind.

The moose became even more threatening a few moments later, actually going after Bob Powell, causing him to run toward his wife's snowmobile for safety.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The moose charged again while Janis Powell was getting out her gun, which she noted to WBZ she is licensed to use. She fired off a shot to scare the animal away. Though undeterred by the gunfire, the moose did eventually head off.

Watch the footage courtesy of WCVB-TV's report:

To those who allege the couple was chasing the moose and thus provoked it, on YouTube they said that they weren't following it too closely and were actually slowing down to create more distance between them.

"Moose are not afraid of snowmobiles and don't act like this when we see them on the trail. We have never seen one be this aggressive and we see them all the time in this area," they wrote.

The couple noted that this moose left blood and ticks on the trail, which they reported to the Maine Warden Service.

"Poor bugger isn't going to last too long," the couple wrote.

Watch the couple's full video of the moose on YouTube.

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