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Deputy Fired After Heartbroken Texas Farmer Refuses to Keep Quiet About His Best Friend’s Tragic End


"The Autopsy is in and the results are just like we’ve been saying!!! See for yourself!!"


The sheriff’s deputy accused of shooting a Texas farmer’s dog for no reason has been fired, the Rains County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Thursday.


The deputy has claimed he shot the man’s dog, Candy, after she charged him and threatened his safety. The dog’s owner, Cole Middleton, argues the dash cam video of the incident and a veterinarian’s autopsy report contradicts the cop’s story.

As previously reported by TheBlaze, Middleton called police to report a possible break-in earlier this week. Hours later, a deputy arrived while the farmer was on his tractor and Candy was laying in the bed of his truck. The dog reportedly jumped down and barked at the sight of the unfamiliar person.

Moments later, the 2-year-old blue heeler was shot. Middleton ended up having to drown his own dog to put her out of her misery because the shot didn’t kill her.

Middleton later reviewed the dash cam footage of the incident and had a local veterinarian perform an autopsy. He claims both pieces of evidence point to an unjustified shooting.

Rains County Sheriff David Traylor told KDFW-TV that he regretted the incident and said his department is investigating the incident.

Middleton created a Facebook page and made sure the story of his dog's death went viral nationally.

“The Autopsy is in and the results are just like we’ve been saying!!! See for yourself!! She was shot in the back if the head,” reads one post. “The bullet exited the front of her face!!! No charges have been filed yet!! Ridiculous!!! As per the sheriff, Dooley WASNT even trained to use a tazer!! Unbelievable !!!”

The dash cam video of the shooting has yet to be released publicly.

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Read Candy's alleged autopsy report and get more details on this story here.

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