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Amazing Photos: See What Bullets Do to Water Droplets, Light Bulbs


Projectiles snapped at the moment of impact.


What happens when a 56-year-old engineer becomes a high-speed photographer?


w Photographer captures the moment a bullet rips through a droplet of water. (Image courtesy of Lex Augusteijn)

Dutch photographer Lex Augusteijn told TheBlaze he loves to make art and engineering meet.

"That reveals scenes which cannot be captured by the naked eye and require a lot of electronic control to make all events happen at the right instance," Augusteijn said, "I have designed and build my own equipment for this purpose."

w The bullet slices through three water droplet splash-backs. (Image courtesy of Lex Augusteijn)

Augusteijn explained that capturing these moments requires strict control and a touch of color design to evoke a certain emotion.

"Apart from setting up the scene and controlling it, a lot of inspiration goes in to lighting and proper background selection to give the image the right mood, rather than just capturing the event itself," he said.

Image courtesy Lex Image courtesy of Lex Augusteijn

The scientist-turned-artisan said he has mastered the art of patience through these photographic experiments.

"Even with this electronic control, setting up such sceneries requires a lot of dedication and patience," Augusteijn said. "I typically shoot many hundreds of images on any given experiment, selecting on a few in the end."

(Image courtesy Lex Augusteijn) Image courtesy of Lex Augusteijn

(Image courtesy Lex Augusteijn) Image courtesy of Lex Augusteijn

(Image courtesy Lex Augusteijn) Image courtesy of Lex Augusteijn

"My greatest satisfaction comes from realizing a surprising image, conveying the right mood and hopefully sparking surprise and inspiration in the viewer," the artist said.

You can see more of Lex Augusteijn's high-speed photography at his website.

(H/T: Amusing Planet)

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