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TheBlaze Radio's Doc and Skip Tell the 'True Story of the Tea Party' Like You've Never Seen It Before

Intolerable! premiered May 6. (Photo via Intolerable!)

There are few political groups in today's America that have been as maligned as the Tea Party. Called everything from "tea baggers" to racists to hobbits by sitting U.S. lawmakers, the group arose in the wake of the financial meltdown of 2008 to oppose big government solutions like the bailouts and Obamacare.

TheBlaze Radio's Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe feared "the true story of the Tea Party" would be forgotten by history, so they set out to set the record straight themselves with a film called Intolerable!

Intolerable! premiered May 6. (Photo via Intolerable!) Intolerable! premiered May 6. (Photo via Intolerable!)

Written and produced by Matt Roman, along with Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe, Intolerable! was released on Tuesday. You can watch the complete film, for free, here. Featuring original music, the film marks the inaugural project of File 55 Productions.

"When Doc and I started this project, we went on tour to different Tea Party events," LaCombe explained to TheBlaze. "When we spoke to these diverse groups of people, from Minnesota to Atlanta, Phoenix to Boston, we realized that the true story of the Tea Party hadn't yet been told. The narration that was being spun by the MSM was wholly inaccurate."

LaCombe said the tour spanned twenty states and roughly four thousand miles. Viewers will be able to meet real Tea Party members, from business owners to security guards, as the film documents the emergence of the Tea Party and the historical movement that inspired it.

Glenn Beck showed the Intolerable! trailer on his television program Tuesday, describing Doc and Skip as "the ultimate employees." He said he had no idea the two were making a movie on the side, and that they never asked him for anything.

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