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'Mentally Challenged' Man Screams 'No!' When Police Try Searching Him — by the End, He's Yelling 'Mom!' and Headed to the Hospital
Image source: YouTube

'Mentally Challenged' Man Screams 'No!' When Police Try Searching Him — by the End, He's Yelling 'Mom!' and Headed to the Hospital

"Stay on the ground and relax."

When Ali Beydoun was spotted bicycling at 4:47 a.m. without a headlight, "not dressed properly for the 20 degree weather," and disregarding several stop signs, law enforcement suspicions were tweaked.

Image source:  Beydoun after the altercation. (Image source: WXYZ-TV)

"It is common for criminals to use a bike," Dearborn, Michigan police noted later, adding that Beydoun stopped next to a vehicle in a neighborhood that had become a primo locale for auto theft.

So the officer moved in — and police dashcam video from Dec. 7 captured what happened next, Michigan Live noted.

The officer pulled up to Beydoun, who appeared to be working on his rear tire, and asked, "What are you doing tonight?" and "Do you have an ID on you?" Beydoun replied "No."

The officer then started putting on gloves, adding that he was going to pat down Beydoun to see if he had any weapons; Beydoun — who is 26 and is "mentally challenged," according to his attorneys — replied repeatedly: "No, no, no."

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Soon the officer wrestled Beydoun to the ground.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"Stay on the ground and relax," the officer shouted, pressing Beydoun's face to the concrete as Beydoun seemed to attempt to turn upon his back.

"Sir, turn around," the officer said. Beydoun's response? "Stop."

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

After another officer arrives on the scene, police appear to begin kicking or kneeing Beydoun before moving out of camera view — but you can still hear police speaking: "What's your name, buddy?" one officer asked.

At that point Beydoun was screaming and crying in a mostly unintelligible manner — but at points he's heard shouting "Mom!" and is clearly distraught or confused.

Soon Beydoun was in the rear of the police car, repeatedly uttering, "Excuse me" to get the officer's attention.

Beydoun was never charged with crime, however police took him to a hospital for "suspected mental health issues."

Police added that a family member told police Beydoun wasn't on medication and didn't have a mental health diagnosis or a known mental illness.

Here's the dashcam video:

One YouTube commenter who claimed to be Beydoun's relative had something different to say:

Ali is my cousin. He has had brain disfunction ever since he was a little kid. He cant remember things that aren't part of his daily agenda. Thats why he didn't even know the numbers to his address. What the cops did to him sickens me and it makes me want to do what they did to him, and see how they feel. Ali was on his way from work and he stopped to fix his chain. And to all the cops out there, not every arab in the street is a terrorist. They should've taught you that in police academy. I can't wait until the city loses so much money and those cops end up on the street. I swear just hearing him scream for help makes me cry and go against the police that assaulted him. Please spread the word about this, because what if this was your family member?

Indeed his attorneys told WDIV-TV in Detroit that Beydoun was returning home from his job as a dishwasher. He reportedly told the Arab American News that he suffered a back injury as a result of the incident.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Beydoun's attorneys have filed a civil rights complaint against the Dearborn Police Department and intend file a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force, false arrest, and assault and battery, according to WXYZ-TV in Detroit. The Council on American-Islamic Relations also plans to announce legal action. In response police said officers "acted and reported the incident appropriately and according to approved department protocols."

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